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Is the feed palatable to cattle and sheep?

Yes, we have used our feed for many years prior to supplying it to other farms and we have found it to be acceptable to all stock.

Can I begin feeding your products straight away?

As with any new food type, especially high energy feeds, it would be unwise to rapidly change from one diet to another. We recommend the same approach we take with our stock: begin with feeding 1KG a day and increasing the amount each day by 1kg until your old feed is phased out. This ensures your livestock are gradually introduced to the new feed and thus avoid any shock changes to diet. Care must be taken to ensure that long fibre is available in addition to our feeds e.g. silage, grass, wheat straw or barley straw.

Can it be fed with other products?

Yes, our feeds can be mixed with any other products of your choosing wet or dry, however our mix must be fed within 24 hours if you intend to mix it with wet feed.

How can we produce this quality of feed at this price?

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality feeds at low prices and we do this by operating at a very low profit margin and only using the most competitively priced ingredients which we buy throughout the course of the year. Our overheads are kept to a minimum by avoiding using expensive machinery and we have flexible staffing arrangements. All of which ensures we offer the lowest possible prices.

Is your feed available all year round?

We aim to keep the same type of feed in stock throughout the year, however due to factors out of our control from time to time it may be subject to availability.

Are your feeds mineralised?

No, we do not add minerals to our feeds, therefore we suggest making sure appropriate minerals are given in addition to our feed. This is particularly important for young stock to ensure growth rates are maximised.

Will stock produce enough milk?

Yes, in our experience and that of many other farmers using our feed products, any stock fed will produce ample milk for suckling stock due to good protein and energy levels.

Is it dry and how long can it be stored for?

Yes, predominantly our feed is 86-90% dry matter and will store indefinitely in a dry contained environment, however we recommend using our feed within 2 months for maximum freshness.

Is there any dust in the product?

Yes, as in all ground feeds there is likely to be a small amount of dust, however we do try to minimise this by adding confectionery such as chocolate and sweets. Additionally we’d like to reassure our customers that the dust is not detrimental to the stock. We have produced up to 300 cattle a year using our own feeds and have never had any problems caused by the dust.

Does the price fluctuate?

Yes, we remain consistently below the market price of our competitors producing similar rations.

What type and age of stock can be fed?

Cattle & sheep, fattening and breeding. We recommend that stock are fed from 3 months upwards when the rumen is working and full advantage of the feed can be taken. Although some farmers feed before this age – mainly whilst being suckled.

Feeding rates?

Restrictive diets if feeding to breeding stock a general guide would be: ewes start 0.25kg building two months before lambing up to 1kg at lambing. Fattening stock we recommend feeding ad lib (general rule: 1kg a day per 50 kg. e.g. 300kg beast will eat approx. 6/7 kg per day). The more the stock eat per day the quicker they get fat.

Can the feed be stored in bins?

Yes, 30- 40% of our business is now blown into feed bins. The feed is a blend of 50% meal & 50% pellets and runs through most feed systems readily.

What weight gains can be achieved?

Depending on condition, breed and age of cattle but cattle fed ad-lib can achieve:

  • 1.4 – 1.8 kg / day with heifers
  • 1.7 – 2.0 kg / day bullocks
  • 1.8 – 2.5 kg / day with bulls.

Can I feed ad lib straight away?

No, as with all high energy feeds respect must be given to the feed. We start our cattle on 1kg / day and increase by 1kg/day to ad-lib. Care must be taken to ensure that long fibre is available to stock on this feed e.g. silage, grass, wheat straw or barley straw.

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