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At Midland Feeds we pride ourselves on having an experienced team who all play a role in producing and supplying complementary feeds.

Animal Feed Manufacturers & Producers

We have a grinding company who work under our instruction and have been doing so since 1983, and we all have a close working relationship and share a wealth of knowledge in the feed industry. Pete Norris, the Managing Director of Midland Feeds, has over 30 years of experience in feeding animals and has his own cattle herd in Nottinghamshire.

Pete formulates the rations to ensure that we provide feeds at the correct analytical value. We have a fabulous relationship with a wide range of suppliers and are continually looking for competitive, good quality products to use in our rations.

When sourcing raw materials, we ensure that all suppliers are part of a recognised assurance scheme before we will consider using their products in our feeds, giving you and us peace of mind that all products used are of an appropriate quality, safe to use in animal feed and have full traceability.

Quality Control

Our feed undergoes a variety of analyses as per our UFAS scheme and our quality control plan to ensure its feed safety and suitability. We’ll be happy to explain our production processes and answer any questions you may have about our feeds. Contact us for any information.

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