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Welcome to the Midland Feeds website. We are an independent, family based stock feed company that specialises in the production of quality feed for cattle and sheep at a most competitive price. We are national animal feed suppliers, supplying nationwide customers.

Animal Feeds Suppliers for Nationwide Delivery

We pride ourselves, as reputable animal feed suppliers, on providing a quality feed product and customer service alike. We offer our products to all manner of farmers, from small holdings to large industrial farms. In addition to the feeds themselves, we can also arrange delivery to your property using our own lorries, or for larger loads we will organise outside hauliers.

Midland Feeds are committed to ensuring the safety of feed materials. Fully approved by UFAS and FEMAS, quality is ensured throughout all the processes of feed production. Raw materials are only purchased from assured and approved suppliers, and all materials accepted by Midland Feeds undergo quality control checks and have full traceability.

So, for a range of stock feeds at a consistently lower price than the market average nationwide, you can count on us. For more information about any of our feeds please visit the dedicated pages of this site, or alternatively you can contact a member of the Midland Feeds team today.

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